Every Color Comes in Green, The process of making this eco-friendly product stops over 270 million pounds of trash from entering landfills every year. Conserve resources for the future.
True Blue, ModernView Decking is backed by over 20 years of composite manufacturing experience and uniquely constructed with encapsulation technology to allow for direct ground or water contact.

Keep Your Composite Deck
Looking Great from Year to Year
with Deck Maintenance

During the planning process for your new deck, you probably did a little research on the variety of decking materials on the market that most closely fits your style and needs. Composite decking boards are one of the few choices that combine a natural wood look with low deck maintenance. With ModernView Decking, you'll not only get a backyard retreat, but your composite deck will add value to your property, the low maintenance will keep that money in your pocket.


Composite decking products are known for being low maintenance. This is one of the many features that make the material so popular. Similar products on the market can be misleading and boast of composite decking boards that are maintenance-free, but ModernView Decking refuses to make false claims. However, just like any part of your property, your composite decking material still requires attention to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.


What Does Low Maintenance Composite Decking Really Mean?

Composite decking does not weather the same way wood does. Composite decking boards will not shrink, expand, warp, or split. This kind of material is designed for the homeowner who has little time to repair broken boards after a harsh winter. To maintain that "just installed" look, it's best to establish a periodic maintenance cycle once or twice a year, depending on your environment and lifestyle. For those that choose to avoid maintenance altogether, keep in mind your composite deck will get dirty over time. Composite decking material are forgiving, so if you miss a few years of maintenance and then want to revive the deck, all you need are the right products. See Deck Cleaning for more information on recommended washing solutions and cleaning products.


Look Forward to Summer Again with Low Maintenance Composite Decking from ModernView Decking

While traditional wood decking can fade, mold, crack, splinter, and needs to be treated and sealed regularly to maintain its original look and feel, ModernView Decking can stand up to deterioration and requires a lot less maintenance. Prior to the advance of composite decking, homeowners had to add deck repair to their long list of "spring cleaning" chores. Thoughts of picnics and barbeques tended to be clouded by memories of deck maintenance fatigue.


Now with low maintenance composite decking materials, homeowners can look forward to warmer weather again. Not only can composite decking boards from ModernView Decking save you time in repairs, they can save you money in replacement boards. By keeping your composite deck clean, you'll have peace of mind in knowing that it will remain as strong as when it was originally installed, whether it has survived extreme weather conditions or not.

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