Every Color Comes in Green, The process of making this eco-friendly product stops over 270 million pounds of trash from entering landfills every year. Conserve resources for the future.
True Blue, ModernView Decking is backed by over 20 years of composite manufacturing experience and uniquely constructed with encapsulation technology to allow for direct ground or water contact.

Why ModernView Decking Offers
the Best Composite Decking Products

Just as most homeowners today are replacing kitchens or baths to improve the look of their home, more and more are becoming tired of their old, traditional treated pine decks. As a result they search for viable replacements. Decking design and materials influence the overall appearance and ultimately improve the resale value. This value is recognized buy buyers who do not want to be faced with a series of expensive home improvements. ModernView Decking stands up to the test of time reducing the stress of the home seller and home buyer alike.


With composite decking products, both homeowners and homebuyers can afford to build a larger more beautiful deck, and one with more creative designs. There are many composite decking products on the market, deciding which one is best for your home and geographical environment can be difficult. ModernView Decking understands the importance of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each available option. We encourage you to compare composite decking products with other products currently on the market, and chose the one that fits all your needs.


Composite Decking Material Comparison

Variations in raw materials and formula used to produce composite decking are as many as possible deck designs. Manufacturers may use virgin plastics or recycled plastic materials. The choice of wood by the manufacturer varies as well. Some manufacturers use oak wood in the form of fibers or sawdust; some use maple wood. Each composition of materials offers unique advantages and disadvantages. The formula behind ModernView Decking composite decking material is made from tested, quality wood encapsulated in strong, High Density Polyethylene.


Composite Decking Product Rating

A recent study was conducted that asked a group of architects, contractors, and homeowners to rate the importance of decking characteristics (performance, cost, appearance, and recommendations) in the deck selection process. The results showed both architects and homeowners agreed that performance and appearance ranked highest in importance. For contractors, performance and cost ranked highest. Overall, it was established that performance is the number one deciding factor for decking materials.


ModernView Decking composite deck boards are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. By integrating U.V. inhibitors and stabilizing additives to the product's formula, ModernView Decking composite decking material will stay beautiful and provide you with years of outdoor enjoyment long after installation. In fact, we are so sure of our material's reliability that all of our composite decking products come with a 25-year limited warranty. Build your deck with confidence and enjoy the many advantages of ModernView Decking composite decking materials.

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